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Hashtag Dialing Codes

Hashtag Dialing Codes

Services Provided

Branding, Website Development, Product Marketing

Team Members

Tariq Shahzad, Rob Rainer, Dr. Noelle Rainer, Michael Reynolds, Jessica Anderson, Andrew Davis, Lauren Wilson

Turnkey Adjunct Marketing Project | Soup to Nuts

All aspects of bring a new business from an idea to a flourishing corporation. Rainer Agency turns business concepts into business reality.

in 2008, Rainer Agency conceived of the #code phone number as a potentially huge adjunct marketing tool.

Wanting to be the first to acquire a #code phone number for commercial use, In 2008, Rainer knew he needed to establish and nurture contacts at the 4 major wireless carriers. Within one year, Rainer has established relationships at Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.

With connections capable of turning on the complex #codes for each carrier, Rainer became the only agency with commercially viable #code phone numbers.

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