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We've been on sabbatical for a spell. But, we decided to mosey on back into town.


You see, we're kind of disappointed with our former competition's, shall we say boring, one-size fits all, drab efforts. It's not that we had high expectations for the advertising biz, it's just that we didn't think ads would become so blah.

The good news is, that what we've seen over the past few years has zapped our creative juices. As such, our former competition may now simply step aside,  as they'll need to make room for our return.

You should expect nothing less from us than our unique brand heart thumping, fun, twisted, head-spinning, balls to the wall, edgy, muscle-bound, new and revamped advertising programs.

Our secret recipe is on the stove, and simmering, we've been tossing in new ingredients, and the finished product will soon be ladled out. Trust us, you're not going to want to miss what we've got planned, sign up below, to ensure that you are first in line for one of our exclusive, one business per territory, marketing programs.

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